Summer Adventures

Tony and I were discussing things back in April of 2015, and decided that in appreciation for all their incredibly hard work, we wanted to start treating our staff, friends, and family to an annual summer outing. The purpose is to get everyone together, outside our normal boundaries- because you should ask yourself from time to time, “when was the last time you did something for the first time?


Every other year we enjoy paintball battles where we end the day sore, tired, and completely happy from the exhilarating day. The alternating years, we try to pick something a bit more… gentle, and again, something a lot of us would not do on our own. It’s always fun, always great to share experiences with everyone. We thank our completely awesome staff for their sense of adventure, and their willingness to take time off from their busy lives to share a day with us every summer. We love all of you!

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