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Welcome To Anthony’s Our Story

I can still remember the day in June of 2013 when my husband and daughter returned from a ride through town and said, “guess which building is for sale?”  I knew the answer and I knew without a doubt that our adventure was about to begin.

My name is Wendy (Volk) Bartok and I’m a 1986 graduate of Elk Lake High School.  My husband and business partner, Tony Bartok, is a 1985 graduate of Montrose Area High School.  Both of us have worked in the restaurant business since we were teenagers, where we met and became friends in 1986.  We fell in love in 1988, married in 1989, and opened our first restaurant in 1991, Mastroserio’s, at the top of the hill in South Montrose.  In 2003, after 12 years in the business, we decided to take a break to spend more time with our children Brittany and Anthony.

Anthony’s Restaurant Cozy & Fresh

For the next ten years, we gained experience in carpentry, business management and accounting–and spent every summer harvesting our blueberry farm with our children.  As time passed, we started talking more and more about what we would do if we ever opened a restaurant again.  We just had faith that we would know if the time was right.  In 2013, as our son, Anthony was graduating from high school and our daughter, Brittany entered her senior year of college, the original building where we had started 22 years prior, came up for sale.  Without hesitation, we bought the building, began a 5-month total renovation, and Anthony’s Restaurant and Pizzeria was born.

Dining Experience Our Vision

The creation of this restaurant–from the colors and interior fixtures, the items on our menu, the care we take in purchasing & preparing the food, and choosing our incredible staff–is the culmination of years of experience, sketches in notebooks, ideas discussed over coffee, and decisions that were made so carefully to offer a dining experience that we are incredibly proud of.  When you walk through the doors, you are walking into our home.  It is our greatest pleasure to be here and to have you be a part of our incredible adventure.

Takeout & MarketOur Next Chapter

Our transformation from a dine-in restaurant into a market has been an idea we have been discussing for some time, but with the changes in 2020, that idea began to develop into what we offer you now. We are excited to share this next adventure with you.

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