All wings are served with fresh celery sticks and your choice of bleu cheese or ranch Extra dressing .60 Extra celery .60 Extra sauce .75
Side of wing sauce: small .75 large 2.25 quart 9.00



Traditional Wings Dozen $10.25  1/2 Dozen $5.75
Buffalo, New York Style wings tossed in your favorite Anthony’s wing sauce

Boneless Wings Dozen $10.25  1/2 Dozen $5.75
Our breaded boneless wings are all white meat chicken, tossed in your favorite Anthony’s wing sauce

Our Flavors

Mild Buffalo
Our own homemade buffalo sauce, big flavor, low heat

Hot Buffalo
Our own homemade hot buffalo sauce, big flavor, tremendous heat

Our barbeque sauce is thick and sweet with a kick

Buffalo Garlic
Our own homemade mild buffalo sauce, sauteed with freshly grated garlic